Installs of HO Scale

Examples of Rapido FL9 NHRR and Intermountain F7 ABA engines converted to on-board battery power. These locos will run for 4 hours. The battery is a 11.1V .8 Ah pack fitted into the frame of a B unit or second A unit.


Any HO engine can run better on battery power. No more stalls on switch points, no more complex wiring or cleaning dirty tracks.

We have assembled a 11.1v lithium pack using standard cells. Each pack has the newest version PCM for protection. Each pack can fit inside a dummy unit or B unit. These batteries will run for 4-6 hours. The charger is a standard plug-in smart charger. Rather than using step up voltage circuits with special circuit boards.  (We are working on charging from the track. The engine with the battery has two contacts fitted underneath that slide onto contacts mounted within the tracks. This track would be a isolated siding with a connector that the charger plugs into).

The RailPro control module fits inside the lead unit for control and sound. Add a mini 2 pin connector between engines for power.  The track power pickups are disconnected so you can run after your other trains or operate independently on a friend or club layout.