On this page you can view many videos showing various battery control versions at customer layouts.  When you start one video the rest will be queued to play next. Enjoy.

October 2020, demo of RailPro showing you can add diesel pushers on rear of your train. Authentic sounds from GP-38’s EMD 645 prime movers. 

New Video, RailPro compared to AirWire with Phoenix sound. Click on part 1 then go back to click on part 2.

USA SD-70 battery conversion part 1

USA SD-70 battery conversion w/demo part 2

Bachmann Climax w/RailPro controls sound demo

USA S4 RailPro demo & remote couplers

 Bachmann Plug N Play RailPro sound and controls for Climax and Raton 2-6-0 loco (added 7/21/19)

Parade of Steam featuring Bachmann geared locos, Using RailPro and how to link/double head your engines (added 7/21/19)





Loading Locos into carrying tray 2 from Don Sweet on Vimeo.


Bachmann C-19 converted to battery using the Revolution control system.