Revolution On-Board TX/RX Set /w sound. Choose Diesel or steam sound. Our price – $291.50


Revolution System Feature Overview

Interference free 2.4GHz radio system is bidirectional. That means that the transmitter not only sends commands to the locomotive but it also gets feedback from the receiver in the locomotive.
• Outdoor range of 150+ feet. Each locomotives is identified by name and road number such as Boston & Maine 3714 or Conrail 6374. Information about the locomotive that is being operated is clearly displayed on a back-lit, graphical LCD display.
• Each transmitter can hold information on as many as 50 different locomotives. Those locomotives can be selected for MUing/lashed up to operate as a single unit running in forward, back to back or reverse position.
• Multiple transmitters can independently operate additional groups of 50 locomotives without interfering with one another.
• Easy to operate arrow keys for speed, directions and playing sounds.
• Power can come from on-board batteries or track power.
• The on-board receiver can supply 5 amps of power while accommodating short peak loads up to 8 amps.
• Easy to hold, most transmitter control operations can be done with one hand.
• Textual information is keyed into the transmitter using the same technique that is used on cell phones.
• Six auxiliary outputs on the receiver can be used to operate sounds, smoke units or lighting.
• Each locomotive can be adjusted for start-up speed, speed steps, maximum speed, momentum, and many more of user programmable functions.
• Using optional USB programmer sounds and firmware can be upgraded.
• Receiver board is Plug N Play ready for Aristo Craft & Bachmann locos. For all other locos use the included adapter board with screw terminals.

Special Order Only

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Complete Bundle with Revolution system. Includes, TX, RX, 14.8V 3 hour MTO-09 Battery, Battery Install Kit and MTO Charger. $436




PWC Super Base station TX/RX Set /w Sound. Choose diesel or Steam sound. Our price $339.00. Linear Super base $352.



Revolution Train engineer 2.4GHz Transmitter. Our price – $178


Mini On-Board Receiver w/sound. Choose from Diesel or Steam sound. Our price – $114.50

PWC Super Base Station Track side Receiver w/sound. Choose from Diesel or Steam sound. Our price – $162.50

Low noise / low speed cooling fan for Super Base Receiver. Our price – $18.50